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Fantasy Points, Fantasy Points Live and the Fantasy Points Podcast have teamed up with and brought on a handful of shows and podcasts across the fantasy industry putting out top-tier content! We are proud to bring these shows as the inaugural affiliates of the Fantasy Points Media Group. With these shows on board, Fantasy Points truly has you covered at every corner and angle of the fantasy world. Be sure to follow them on Twitter, subscribe to their podcasts on your favorite listenting platform and subscribe to their YouTube channels!

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    August 7, 2022 1:06pm EDT
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P2W Fantasy

P2W Fantasy started at the very end of March 2020 with the intent to have people read fantasy related articles. The brand quickly grew and evolved into producing a variety of content including weekly livestreams, a streamed podcast, Youtube, TikTok, rankings, articles and other diverse content primarily focused on Fantasy Football but also on both Fantasy Basketball and Fantasy Baseball. The founder of P2W Fantasy, Nick, prides himself in collaborating often with different members of the fantasy community. Eyes set on winning championships, the brand's slogan is "Stop Playing Just to Play - Play 2 Win." P2W Fantasy is based out of the suburbs of Chicago.

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FFB Familia

We've all had those lively family discussions (aka arguments) that were so entertaining, we wished we recorded them. Ours were over plates filled with tamales and cervezas on Christmas, and the arguments were over fantasy football. At that time Jorge Martin had a brainstorm, and Familia FFB was born. Launched on Cinco de Mayo 2020, los primos Hector Reyes, Ricky Torres and Jorge get together to talk about fantasy football, adding a little sabor Latino and fun references to our HUGE Mexican family. We even work in some Spanglish to keep it light, like calling our news segment CHISME – ”Gossip” in Spanish. This year-round podcast focuses on different formats for fantasy football, primarily redraft and DFS. We follow the NFL calendar while los primos poke fun at and bet beers over one another’s takes. Jorge also mines his multimedia background and contacts from working with the LA Dodgers to bring in fantasy experts, prominent media members covering the NFL and more. We just want to talk some football and share a little culture. Just like if we were huddled over tamales and beers. Salud!

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Jerz Way Betting

Jerz Way Sports Betting was created in 2017 by Matt Gannon in order do to what everyone loves… make money watching sports. As time went on and nearly every sport was handicapped, we narrowed down our focus to football, college basketball, baseball, and golf. Daily action throughout the year without overdoing it and forcing bets on the sports and leagues we were not successful in. Besides handicapping and betting, the Jerz Way Betting YouTube channel provides educational / how to videos on all things sports betting.

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Dynasty Vipers

The ViperCast started back in 2019 when Matt Donnelly and Calvin Shoemake began the journey of breaking down weekly matchups for fantasy purposes, reviewing the week that was and previewing the week to come. Over the next couple of seasons, the show added a little flair, with some side bets that saw Matt enduring a makeover and drinking a Big Mac Smoothie while Calvin went full Balboa, chugging eggs. Then, at the start of 2021, the show leveled up, adding both Tera and Major to the roster to complete the team. Matt is a self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades and master of none, with a unique understanding of all fantasy football formats from auction to salary, superflex to IDP. Calvin is the yin to Matt’s yang. Matt prefers the chaos, however Calvin is the rock that keeps the show on track. As he has always said, “If there isn’t a show sheet, you can’t go off it.” When Calvin isn’t in the studio, he’s on the diamond, coaching his kids and watching them hit dingers. Tera is an up-and-coming talent, joining the ViperCast family just this past January, making an immediate impact. Major joined the ViperCast in January as well, a smooth moderator who has brought his talents from Clubhouse to the Viper Pit. This #GirlDad is bringing the dad hat back and with style. Major pulls his football expertise from his personal experience of playing running back from Pop Warner through DII.

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Preferred Lines Podcast

Preferred Lines Podcast was founded in 2020 with the intention of providing a deep dive and analysis into the betting board and odds every week for the PGA Tour. Founder, Joe Idone (@Tourpicks) has been producing golf gambling content for the past 6 years and has a long, transparent, and reputable history of picking winners. Each week, the podcast goes over an in depth course preview as well as key stats to help predict player success for the upcoming PGA Tour Event. No stones are left unturned as Joe is often joined by an industry leading guest to sift through the entire odds board of players in an attempt to find and convey value to the audience. The ultimate Golf Gambling Podcast is proud to be a part of the Fantasy Points Media Group to open up our expertise to their subscribers and followers. Preferred Lines streams live on Youtube every Monday night for the entirety of the PGA Tour season and is also available for download on Itunes/Spotify.

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Sons of Dynasty

Sons of Dynasty began in 2019 when a few friends joined a dynasty start up draft together. We started to create dynasty content and felt we needed a brand to associate with our desire to create quality content. Sons of Dynasty was born and we have never looked back. Now, years later, we create content for everything from Redraft, Dynasty, DFS and more. We brought in some of the sharpest minds around to help us grow and create a YouTube channel in an attempt to meet the desires of the average consumers. No great dynasties are built in a day. Ride with us to your fantasy football championship matchups year in and year out as we help you build the ultimate dynasty team. Join podcast hosts Dan (DanBrownNFL), Nate (Nate_FFL), and Producer Matt (Dy_NastyDude) as they look to bring all of your Fantasy Football needs right to your finger tips.

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True North Fantasy Football

Travis Seel and Ty Maclachlan started the True North Fantasy Pod in 2019 as an outlet for the Fantasy Football conversations they were already having on a daily basis. They specialize in Dynasty, Season-Long, and Best Ball content and their aim is to inform, advise, and empower their listeners and viewers to ensure they have all the tools to make sound roster decisions and, in turn, take home titles. Ty is a Best Ball-oholic, affectionately referred to as the True North Research Demon and he's always looking for ways to define the variables and gain that competitive edge. Trav is a father of 3 fully entrenched in #dadlife who's stat-based opinions are designed to spot trends and capitalize on the road to Fantasy Glory. On the southern tip of Vancouver Island, the boys are always straight West Coastin' and podcast hostin'.

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The Smoke Show

When the tale of 2020 rookies shakes out, Josh ‘Smokey-Hell’ Nelson’s ascension will be mentioned in the same breath as Justin Jefferson and CeeDee Lamb. Host of The Smoke Show, an interview-centric podcast with micro and feature interviews providing perspective from the most inspiring and interesting people in fantasy football, Smokey gets to what the people need to know. Bringing a light-hearted perspective to the exhilarating world of stats and analysis, you’ll probably walk away from Smokey’s content with some new facts and a laugh or three. Located with his beautiful wife Rachel and son Felix on the west coast of Canada, Smokey is always bringing the laughs, the learning and the burning; because Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire.

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Triple Play Fantasy

Triple Play Fantasy might have formally been announced in March 2020, but the creation dates back years. The members of this family known as Triple Play Fantasy are a tight-knit group working to provide fantasy sports and interviews in ways that are unmatched. Sports had always been a main topic of conversation, so we just figured to start talking into microphones one day! In a short time of podcasting, we have been fortunate to interview top fantasy analysts and professional athletes, both current and former. Our unique mix of fantasy analysis, player/media interviews, while providing humor and hot takes that allow a different and refreshing perspective on sports and fantasy sports.

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Full Tilt Podcast Network

The Full Tilt Dynasty Podcast Network is an international brand that has something for everyone looking to up their fantasy football experience. From the Full Tilt Devy Podcast breaking down the college game. The Fantasy Walkabout taking you on a fantastical journey of value-based thinking in the off-season, our top matches to target, and even our Budgy Smugglers of the week in the season. And, of course, the flagship program, The Full Tilt Dynasty Podcast With Thomas, Jakob, and Billy. We are bringing top-tier guests such as Scott Barrett, Pat Daugherty, Austin Gayle, Ben Gretch, and more.

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Campus 2 Canton

Co-hosts Austin Nace & Colin Decker are lifelong friends who dove into the Campus to Canton waters in 2018. With little content readily available, the duo decided to create their own! Thus, the C2C pod and site were born. The podcast itself mirrors the C2C format and contains two weekly shows; Campus Life, a show all about college football recruiting, CFF, and deep devy, and Canton Bound, which focuses on dynasty. The show reflects the C2C team's mantra: when it comes to fantasy football, everything matters.

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The Ride In

The Ride In DFS & Betting Podcast features veteran daily fantasy sports player Pat James dissecting every NFL slate and PGA event. Pat James is currently a DFS Showdown NFL analyst for, and is also part of the new Fantasy Points PGA product. Pat began playing fantasy sports 20 years ago. In 2012 he started the fantasy football site which opened the door for him to become a DFS contributor at several sites. This podcast was initially coined “The Ride In” because Pat used to record his thoughts on his ride in to the city for work, however Pat now previews his favorite DFS picks and bets from the comfort of his basement office.

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Injury [Pro]ne Podcast

You already know Dr. Edwin Porras as Mr. Injury Prone is a lie from Fantasy Points. This past football season, Edwin started his own podcast with a variety of guests covering a number of different topics, from injury analysis to interviews to general fantasy football talk. Edwin has been a part of the crew at Fantasy Points since the 2019 season when he and Ben Kukainis did a weekly injury podcast every Friday. Currently doing his residency in California, this Doctor of Physical Therapy is here to answer any and all injury related questions… that is, unless the question is about an injury-prone player!

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The Fantasy Points Podcast

The flagship podcast for the Fantasy Points Media Group, our public podcast features a variety of hosts and guests, from Joe Dolan and Tom Brolley talking waiver wire, to John Hansen and Greg Cosell discussing weekly matchups, to Scott Barrett and Graham Barfield talking DFS in-season. The Fantasy Points Podcast is also here all off-season to break down everything from coaching changes, to free agency, to minicamp and OTAs, and everything in between. We’ve also taken it to the next level with transcriptions of every single podcast. Our Premium Podcast is also available to Premium subscribers, as we release the audio version of all our paywalled livestreams.

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